What are the available payment options?

The available payment methods are mentioned below:

  1. Via Credit or Debit Card (MasterCard, Visa etc.)
  2. Via PayPal
  3. Via Direct Bank Transfer if the event is 7 days prior the date of your payment
  4. At the door if there is still availability.
How can I confirm that I've paid for my ticket?

You will receive a confirmation email with your payment details. Also, a QR code with your ticket details will be attached, too. 

Tickets and Refunds

Can I buy more than one ticket at once?

No, you can only buy one ticket at a time. The ticket is unique and for you to buy a second one you need to follow the procedure again.

Can I use the same ticket twice?

No, the ticket is unique and it also has a unique ID that identifies it.

Can I refund my ticket?

Yes you can refund your ticket, considering our refund policy.

I haven't got my tickets on my email. What should I do?

Your tickets might be on your email in the spam folder. Otherwise contact support at [email protected].

I have lost my tickets, what shoud I do?

Contact support at [email protected], mentioning the unique ID of your order for new tickets to be sent to you.

What is the refund policy?

The ticket can be refunded up to 7 days before the event. if it is done later it will not be valid.

There has been a cancelation/postpone of the event that I had tickets. What should I do?

There will be an update through email for the cancellation/postpone. Your tickets will be refunded.

About the Event

Is there an age restriction policy?

Yes, the events are available only for people 18+.

What credentials do I need to show at the door?

You should have your ticket ready with the QR code or the order ID from the email. Also your ID for identification.

What is usually the duration of an event?

The duration of an event is usually 4 to 5 hours.

Is there a certain time of entrance?

The entrance time each time is determined by the opening time of the club.