Sound of House

SouliBros together with Sound of House hosted a party at 19th of January 2023 at Space Lab, Thessaloniki. Stay tuned for more…


SouliBros Project together with Sound of House by Nelson X hosted a deep house party at Space Lab, Thessaloniki. Deep house music by a team of great djs was played that night. Good vibes, dancing and fun was all about the place !

  • Doors Open

    11 pm

  • Location

    Space Lab


Sound of House

SouliBros Project together with Sound of House placed a great deep house party at 19/1. Sound of House is a project made by Nelson X, an experienced deep house dj. He and his team performed deep house dj sets and made a dancing night ! 

Story Line

Sound Of House was created by NELSON X aka Nestoras Choulis and the purpose was to upload tracks as a promo YouTube channel.

SOH wanted to made this project more special. So with the help of his team, they decided instead of tracks to uploading specific DJ sets in cooperation with national artists.

Under the conditions of COVID-19 , Sound Of House presents a new project of video sets that took place in natural environments and professional studios.

Now, Sound Of House is an active project of events, bookings and radio shows.

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