#London #PastEvents #Rack March 3, 2023


SouliBros Project hosted Rack on the 3rd of March 2023. A great rapper, well known in Greece. With a lot of single hits, made a special night for our guets.


SouliBros once again represented a well known artist. Rack or Iraklis, a greek raper. Owner of Barcode Crew a hip hop label and Barcode Entertainment a record label. In th 3rd of March, in BonBon club, Rack together with his team made a total mess! Stay tuned for future events…

  • Doors Open

    11 pm

  • Location

    BonBon Club



SouliBros Project hosted Rack at 3/3. A greek rapper, with single hits and successful releases throught the recent years. A great night for our guests, with lots of singing and fun. Rack did his job right !

Story Line

The artist's first contact came only at the age of 2, in a song created by his father called "The Children of Lectico", sung by him and his sister, Nemesis. After a few songs, it was time to release his first official mixtape called "Rackattack", which was released in March 2017, and contains 4 songs.

There follows a long pause in his music releases, which lasts until July 8, 2020, when he releases the track "Barcode" in collaboration with DJ Silence from Good Vybz Music and Def Jam Greece. His next release takes place on February 18, 2021, in collaboration with Ortiz on the track "Davay." In March 2021, he participates in the track "Gjenovese" from the Mad Clip, Strat and BeTaf Beats album titled "Still Active". This is followed by his first collaboration with Saske, titled "Try Him", which was released by OffBeat Records on April 7, 2021. This track is the first single from Saske's upcoming album titled "Saskepticism Vol. 2". On May 13, 2021, the track "Kθήκον" is released, with music curated by Rack's close collaborators Oge and Beyond Music. "Kathikon" serves as the first single for the album "Rackattack". The song has been among the trending tracks for several weeks. On June 9, 2021, he releases his second collaboration with Saske titled "NASA", with the track released by Barcode Entertainment. After several hits and new tracks, he releases the song "Τελικά" in collaboration with Konstantinos Argyros.

In May 2021, his first official album called "Rackattack" is released, which contains 9 songs. In August of the same year, his new edition (Rackattack (Deluxe Edition)) is released with an additional 4 tracks. In July 2022, his second official album called "RACKATTACK 2" was released, which contains 10 songs.

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