#London #PastEvents #Sidarta April 15, 2023


Sidarta was hosted by SouliBros Project in BonBon Club in 15th of April 2023. Featuring Saske…


Sidarta, an upcoming artist was hosted in BonBon Club in London. Together with Saske, they made a special night for our guests.

  • Doors open

    11 pm

  • Location

    BonBon Club

#Feat #Saske


SouliBros Project presented Sidarta. A well known artist from Greece. A rising talent according to the greek Spotify Wrapped for the year 2022. With no more than 2 years in the stage, with plenty of successful hits. With him, Saske showed up on stage to make things even better ! A great show for our guests in BonBon Club. Tune up for more… 

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