Mente Fuerte

SouliBros Project hosted Mente Fuerte at BonBon Club, in London at 21/4.


SouliBros Project hosted Mente Fuerte at 21/4. A night of great hits and songs by this Greek artist. Once again a great live event.

  • Doors Open

    11 pm

  • Location

    BonBon Club


Mente Fuerte

SouliBros Project hosted Mente Fuerte at 21/4. An other great Greek artist, with single hits and successful releases throught the recent years. A great night for our guests, with lots of singing and fun. Mente Fuerte did his job right ! 

Story Line

Mente Fuerte started his career in rap music as a member of Technical Flerts, along with Lpt. In 2016 he founded Black Bandana, from which he released his first official release, entitled "Lifestyle", on November 4, 2016. The track is produced by Gosei on music production, and directed by Petros Nikolintais. For the next three years he released several singles, and collaborated with various rappers such as Smuggler, Pepe Frantik, Raffie Raff, Young Montanas, Mad Clip and Toquel.

On March 25, 2019 he releases his first album called "Kingpin". The album contains 20 tracks, with Black Range being released on the same day as the album's lead single, accompanied by the music video. The album also features Saske, Hawk, Smuggler, Mad Clip, Toquel, Ink and Raffie Raff. In April 2019, he officially signed as an artist to OffBeat Records and on 14 June 2019, "Caliente" was released in digital stores alongside Hawk and Baghdad. The track was a huge success, becoming the first certified diamond single release in Greece. The same year on October 4, Sportex was released in collaboration with Saske, Hawk, Hatemost and Baghdad, a track with the aesthetics of the time period, and an anthem to the 90's, which was part of the advertising campaign of the sportswear company Adidas.

On May 15, 2020, Mente Fuerte releases the single "Rudeboys" in collaboration with Hawk on August 3, 2020. Both artists leave in the lyrics of the track spikes against the also known rapper Snik with whom the former had collaborated in the past. On September 22, 2020, Snik releases the track "Karma", a diss track aimed at Mente Fuerte reigniting the rivalry between the two rappers. Mente Fuerte responds with the track "211" on September 24, just 2 days later. Snik's response comes the next day with the track "Muerto", to which there is no response from Mente Fuerte. The rivalry between the two artists went beyond the boundaries of the Greek hip-hop scene, occupying the public

On September 4, 2020, Winners is released in collaboration with Immune, while on October 16, 2020, the track "You Are Not Here" is released in collaboration with Tamta, accompanied by a music video, which is released a few days later, on October 19, and is widely known from the Greek version of the TV show Next Top Model. His first track for 2021, finds Mente Fuerte releasing Criminale, produced by ObieDaz, and a collaboration with LeaderBain, also publicly passing the baton to the new generation of Black Bandana, with Mente taking a more managerial role in the label. The track is released on March 19, 2021. On May 26, 2021, "Take Give" is released with Leaderbrain, and on June 2, he participates with a couplet on Sigma's track "Amnesia". On July 14, he releases Dale, once again collaborating with music producer Baghdad. Mente Fuerte's most recent single, titled Badman, is released on October 8, 2021, and the track features Mente Fuerte collaborating with Hgemonas.

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